One of the first things that anyone notices in you when you start talking is your teeth.  It’s only natural to think that you already have made an impression before the first words exited your mouth. This can be good for some people while bad for others because if you have a bright smile, you produce a positive impression on the person you are talking to.

However, if you have stained teeth from drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes, your yellowish teeth won’t be very impressive. To get rid of this problem, there are many methods including brushing your teeth on a daily basis, using teeth floss and getting the dentist to bleach your teeth that can help reduce teeth stains.

Unfortunately, the bleach used by the dentist is powerful and can cause burns to the gums. Going to the dentist is also expensive where you have to spend more than two hundred dollars for one session of teeth whitening. Alternatively, you can try home teeth whitening kits like Total Radiance which use a teeth whitening gel to reduce the visibility of your teeth stains.

This teeth whitener is cheaper than the dentist and can give your results in as little as one application. Before we review Total Radiance and its benefits, let’s take a look at what causes teeth discoloration and stains.

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Initially, your teeth were pearly white, but bad food habits and not enough teeth care have caused teeth stains to become visible. Stained and discolored teeth are yellowish or brownish and make you look unhygienic to others. There are three main types of teeth stains and discoloration:

Extrinsic: This is the most common type of teeth discoloration which is caused by the tooth enamel being stained. The enamel is the outer layer of the tooth which protects the inner tooth from bacteria that can cause tooth decay. The leading causes of extrinsic teeth stains including drinking wine, cola, and coffee as well as smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

Intrinsic: This type of teeth discoloration causes the dentin to become darker with a yellowish tent. You can get intrinsic tooth stains if you were exposed to too much fluoride as a baby or had an internal bleeding in the tooth caused by trauma. If tetracycline antibiotics were taken during the second half of pregnancy or before being eight years of age, teeth could be stained intrinsic. There is also a rare condition called dentinogenesis imperfecta which causes amber, purple or gray teeth stains.

Age-Related: This is where your dentin begins to become yellow over time as you get older while the enamel also starts to thin, making the yellowing dentin more visible. Other reasons for teeth stains include getting chipped tooth or other tooth injuries which is especially true when the pulp has been damaged.

While helping reduce intrinsic teeth stains requires a dentist, extrinsic teeth stains like from smoking or drinking too much coffee can be dealt with home teeth whitening kits found in the market. So, now that we have a basic understanding of teeth stains and discolorations let’s take a look at one such teeth whitening kit called Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen.

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Total Radiance comes with a teeth whitening gel that is easy to apply with the whitening pen provided. The gel can give you whiter teeth and a whiter smile in just one application due to the effective ingredients that help remove and eliminate the stains on your teeth.

These ingredients include Carbomer, Kosher Glycerin, Peppermint Oil and Carbamide Peroxide which helps remove the bacteria that causes plaque as well as work to polish the enamel for brighter teeth.

There are no side effects of this product because the manufacturers have used clinically proven ingredients to give you fast-acting teeth whitening benefits. When compared to going to the dentist, most people would prefer to try Total Radiance to reduce their extrinsic teeth stains from home.

When compared to going to the dentist, most people would prefer to try Total Radiance to reduce their extrinsic teeth stains from home.

[title_mod title_name=”Benefits & Advantages Of Total Radiance:”]

The manufacturer’s of Total Radiance have stated on their website that using this teeth whitening system can give you many benefits including the following:

  • Helps reduce stains and polishes teeth.
  • Effective for lowering teeth sensitivity for those with sensitive teeth.
  • Can be delivered to your home in a few days.
  • Great for those who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol.
  • Causes no burns or pain in the gums.
  • Prevents tooth sensitivity like with other teeth whitening products.
  • Helps whiten teeth without teeth strips, whitening toothpaste or Whitestrips.
  • More effective than Plus white 5 minutes, Oral b, Colgate optic white, Crest 3d white luxe, and Crest 3d white Whitestrips.
  • Causes no side effects.
  • Easy to use without bleaching trays or whitening trays.
  • Uses bleaching gel for the best teeth whitening experience without irritation or pain.
  • Is an excellent professional teeth whitening kit for home use.
  • Removes stubborn yellow or brown stains from your teeth.
  • Not expensive like going to the dentist.
  • Prevents the buildup of plaque.
  • Works from the first application.
  • Can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website.
[title_mod title_name=”Teeth Whitening Ingredients Of Total Radiance:”]

The experts who designed Total Radiance proprietary formula have managed to eliminate all side effects because of using clinically tested and proven ingredients. These ingredients work together to give you quick-acting teeth whitening benefits from the first application.

The ingredients of Total Radiance include:

  • Carbomer Kosher
  • Glycerin Peppermint
  • Oil Carbamide
  • Peroxide
[title_mod title_name=”How To Use Total Radiance:”]

This video explains how you can use Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen for maximum effect:

  1. Clean and dry your teeth. Brushing followed by drying helps.
  2. Apply the gel from the teeth whitening pen on your teeth. Avoid applying on the gums.
  3. Wait for 15 minutes and see the results.
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Unlike bleaching your teeth at the dentist, Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen is a much more convenient way to get whiter teeth because this teeth whitening pen can be used from home. It can also be delivered to your doorstep when you order it from the official website (which is the only way to get it). The manufacturers have provided a risk-free trial offer for customers who want to try Total Radiance before purchasing it.

With this trial offer, you only need to pay a nominal shipping and handling charge during checkout which will have Total Radiance delivered to your doorstep in a few days. Unfortunately, this trial offer has become quite popular which has exceeded the expectations of the manufacturers, leading to a limited 250 trial per day being made available. If you are interested in getting Total Radiance Risk Free Trial Offer or would like to more about the product, visit the manufacturer’s website for Total Radiance.

There reports of Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen being featured in Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den episodes. These are false claims and this product has never been featured on television.